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Even when the solution is a no-brainer, the effort to adopt and deploy it can be daunting. We understand your priorities and pride ourselves on making your implementation process as simple as possible. We've even taken some steps ahead of time to lighten the load.


Why open more windows and apps than you have to? Through our LTI integration, we automate onboarding for everyone on campus and sit right inside the LMS for easy access. Our Implementation Guides come with everything you need, whether it's a HECVAT or accessibility documentation. Live chat support and a dedicated Community Manager comes with every Nectir workspace, so you never have to worry if your instructors or students have what they need.


We'll always keep you updated with analytics to ensure that your investment in Nectir is consistently paying off. Nectir provides a dedicated Community Manager and consistent feedback reports to track your campus progress, or be funneled into a retention system for salient data points. We'll even provide ongoing Nectir workshops for new TA's and Instructors each term. Securing your reputation as an innovative, tech-forward institution is more attainable than you think.


Our platform has been crafted with you, your instructors, and their students in mind. It was built hand-in-hand with instructional designers, so rest assured that Nectir is a solution that you can confidently support. Building for all types of higher education means avoiding high pricing and the unnecessary complexity of enterprise software. Set it and forget it, knowing that we're constantly monitoring the workspace for you and providing constant in-app support to users.
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Nectir works when and where you need it to, so everyone has the access they deserve.

KaTeX for Math

We know your STEM instructors will ask, so we'll always deliver the answer you need. Nectir comes with KaTeX right in the chat bar.

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Send a GIF or emoji in no time! Connect with students in a fun and interactive way that meets them where they are.

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