Our mission is to make quality education accessible to every student on the planet.

Education is the precursor to every major innovation we've had throughout time. That's why we believe that the best way to make the world a better place is to invest everything we have into creating a better educational experience for everyone.

For us, that starts with building a more modern classroom by utilizing technology that we know students need today.
The Nectir logo carved into a Halloween pumpkin.
The Nectir team at the UCSB NVC fair.
The Nectir investor team at the ASU+GSV summit.

At Nectir, we're giving students of all ages the modern tools they need to succeed.

We're currently looking to hire the first core members of our team to help us provide our technology to schools across the globe.

As an early member, you will have the opportunity to help us shape our culture, contribute to our product roadmap, and build the next generation of educational technology for students everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does Nectir exist?

When we (the Nectir co-foudners, Kavitta + Jordan) were in college, we hated it. We dreamt about dropping out literally every day. The reason being that we couldn't justify the cost of college when every single one of our classes had wildly different value than the last—a few were great, but most of them felt outdated and impersonal. For the amount that we pay for our education today, that should not be the typical experience.

It's was also extremely difficult to find a community to get help from on a campus thats typically 10x the size of the high school you just came from. For these reasons and many more, 1 out of every 3 freshman will dropout of college before their sophomore year. To the US higher education system, thats $16.5 billion in lost tuition revenue each year. More importantly, though, it's a signal to society that we are not putting enough resources into one of the only guaranteed solutions we have for climate change, inequality, political unrest, and the other existential crises we currently face. Education is the precursor of every major innovation in the history of mankind.

At Nectir, we are creating a reality where every student has equal opportunity to find the communities and resources they need to stay in school and find real value from it. We're building the technology that we wish we had when we were students ourselves. Not only does Nectir keep students continuously engaged in their classes, which is proven to improve their retention, but it also allows instructors and admin to see firsthand what their students need to succeed.

What is your mission?

To make quality education accessible to anyone on the planet. The future of education is social. The best way to learn is by receiving personalized help, and by teaching someone else. We solve this by making it easy to create and join vibrant learning communities online.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us by submitting a message to us here and we’ll be in touch!

Who else works at Nectir?

Our co-founders, Kavitta and Jordan, plus our team of amazing developers. We also have an incredible board of advisors and mentors working closely with us, including Julie Henley, Greg Finkelstein, Brian Hartnack, Mindy Colin, and more.

Have you raised any money?

Yes - and happy to tell you how much over the phone. Our most recent round of funding was our seed round led by Entrada Ventures.

Where is Nectir located?

Nectir does not have a physical office. We all work 100% remotely—but if you are in the LA area we are eager to meet face-to-face!

Are you okay with remote employment?

Yes, but only in the U.S. & Canada at this time due to timezone convenience. We hope to hire 100% of our staff as remote employees and we have been building a remote culture from the start.

How will Nectir make money?

We negotiate campus-wide licenses with schools who want to use Nectir. We are currently focusing on higher-ed institutions in the US, but plan to expand to K-12, MOOCs, bootcamps, and other educational programs around the world.

How does Nectir technically work?

Nectir gives you an instant-chat group with all of your classmates and instructors in every single class you take. You can use these channels to ask/answer each other's questions, share attachments, create discussions, and more. We've created a "courtyard style" platform where all of your campus communication can be done in one place. We love this because you get that essential network effect within all of your classes. Whether you're DM'ing your TA or creating a group chat for your project, Nectir allows you to throw out email and chat easily over a FERPA-compliant, mobile-friendly platform. We also use an LMS integration to auto-create class channels and auto-add students into them, making the onboarding process for instructors and admin a breeze.

Do you plan to use a student's browsing data for ads or resell their data later?

No. Nectir has been FERPA-compliant since day one, meaning that the student's data safety is our number one priority. We will never make money from selling their data to third-parties.