How It Works

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See how Nectir works by exploring our demo workspace above. You'll be able to test out different tools, see what class channels look like, and interact with the Nectir team in real time.

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Your students have a hard time focusing in and out of class.

Students have to divide their attention between other classes, extracurriculars, social media, and more. This makes it easy to forget lecture topics and assignments.

Your TA's have a hard time keeping up with emails.

Dozens of emails clog inboxes before the big test. Wouldn’t it be easier to answer them all in one place where everyone can see?

There's no easy way to see what your students are confused about.

Students ask questions on Reddit, make study groups over Facebook, and share notes with Snapchat. How do you manage all of these 3rd party tools to understand what your students need?

Nectir creates online communities in college classrooms.

Nectir was created by students just like yours who realized that they needed an easier way to communicate within their classes. After hundreds of interviews with students, TA’s, and Professors, we realized that we weren’t the only ones experiencing this problem. Professors were looking for a better way to engage their students, TA’s wanted fewer emails, and students needed less stress. With Nectir, all of these problems are solved with one easy tool.


Our Favorite Benefits

Secure Data
Students own their data. Nectir does not sell it, nor do we plan to.
Instant Feedback with Polls
With polls, you can try, "How does everyone feel about the midterm?" Or, "Who likes our new tool, Nectir?"
Easy Office Hours
Host yours or your TA’s office hours on Nectir so that all of your students can get help together.
No More Forums
Forums and posts are outdated. Your students are using instant chat messaging on all their other platforms, so why not use what they’re already familiar with in the classroom too?
Mobile Notifications
Student's won't miss a thing with phone notifications. You can post an assignment on Nectir and your entire class will be notified with a single click.
Saved Time
Use Nectir as your main mode of communication so that you never have to answer questions through individual emails again.
Connect Your Class
We'll set up Nectir for you and your students for free.
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