How It Works

Add community and connection where your students need it most

Amplify value for students
By connecting students, they are able to get the help they need faster and easier than ever before.
Enable emergent communities
Students can use Nectir to create their own discussions and channels. This allows for emergent communities to be built and fostered by those who need them most. 
Inclusive for everyone
Nectir can be used by students, TAs, professors, and administrators. Reduce the need for hundreds of emails by centering communication in one place.

Bring community to your school

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Our Favorite Benefits

Secure Data
Students own their data. Nectir does not sell it, nor do we plan to.
Instant Feedback with Polls
With polls, you can try, "How does everyone feel about the midterm?" Or, "Who likes our new tool, Nectir?"
Easy Office Hours
Host yours or your TA’s office hours on Nectir so that all of your students can get help together.
No More Forums
Forums and posts are outdated. Your students are using instant chat messaging on all their other platforms, so why not use what they’re already familiar with in the classroom too?
Mobile Notifications
Student's won't miss a thing with phone notifications. You can post an assignment on Nectir and your entire class will be notified with a single click.
Saved Time
Use Nectir as your main mode of communication so that you never have to answer questions through individual emails again.

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