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Send quick announcements, host office hours, and let your students ask and answer their own questions. Nectir brings instant chat into your classroom to keep your students engaged.
An illustration of students chatting in the Nectir workspace.Student message: My most recent answer is still wrong. Can anyone help me figure out how we're suppose to solve it?Student message: I'm stuck on the same question! I was wondering if there is a time limit for the single attempt?

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Nectir has been a game changer for me as an instructor and online course designer!

For years I was unsatisfied with the disconnected formality of online course interactions in discussion forums and emails. Nectir’s ability to embed private channels directly into the course website, automatically pull students into it, and send mobile notifications makes it so easy for students to collaborate, ask quick questions, and help each other - which builds class community.

Mindy Colin
Instructional Consultant at UC Santa Barbara

Nectir helped me foster community.

Nectir staff enthusiastically helped me set up the Nectir platform so my students can network with each other. The Nectir folks believe in their product and know how to use it to maximum benefit. They've given me invaluable assistance to get the program up and running, helping me foster a classroom community which benefits each student by facilitating communication with classmates and teacher.

John Robertson
Continuing Lecturer, English for Multilingual Students

Nectir gave me peace of mind knowing that I was able to communicate with all my students at once.

The use of Nectir created a sense of community among my students who felt suddenly confused, isolated and distant from their academic setting during the sudden transfer to remote-only classes. Now, more than one year later, we have returned to in-person classes, and I am still using Nectir as an integrated platform in all of my courses.

Dr. Myriam Gonzales-Smith
Teaching Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

How does it work?

Add Nectir to your class page.

Nectir integrates with all major LMS’s like Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard. Keep all of your tools in one place.

Illustration of student signing up with school email
Illustration of searching for classes with Nectir's class search input

Import your class roster.

Start sending announcements right away by uploading your class roster. Your students get notified immediately—even without a Nectir account.

Start sending messages and watch your community flourish.

Nectir helps your class communicate through a medium they already understand—instant chat. That way you can lighten your work load by allowing students to ask and answer their own questions.

Student 1: Hi! Does anyone want to create a study group to study for the final together? Student 2: That sounds great! When should we meet?

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Host office hours for your whole class.

Chats are saved in your class channel forever. If a student can't make it to your office hours, they can read the messages later.

Watch your students learn in real-time.

Jump into the conversation as much or as little as you need. Students can communicate from wherever they are.

Send announcements everyone can see.

Use our @all command to send announcements instantly. Get notifications and reply directly from our desktop or mobile app.

Picture of the founders, Kavitta and Jordan.

Created by students, for students.

As students at UC Santa Barbara, we were in classes with hundreds of students with no easy way to get help in our courses. We built Nectir to empower classrooms to build their own communities so that they can help their students succeed.

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