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Nectir is purpose-built by students and instructors to give you just the tools you need to engage your class and save time.
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Class participation of the future.

For instructors to be successful, they need students to be focused and engaged. However, research shows that most are stressed and overwhelmed with trying to find the help they need. Rather than wait for an email response from their instructor, why not let students ask and answer their own questions?


Students on devices can be a solution, not a problem. Instructors build rapport and respect through relatable, casual technology. Allowing students to chat with you virtually in a safe place can help level the playing field for everyone in your class and make resources more accessible. Nectir is built to be easy for you to learn and adopt, but intuitive and familiar for your students so that they actually use it intentionally.


Inspired students inspire each other. Nectir allows your students to ask and answer each other's questions, thus reinforcing their own knowledge of the material while saving you time. Unlike video conferencing, it's variety of messaging types makes (more) space for everyone to be heard without having to wait for their turn. Most importantly, using modern communication infrastructure like Nectir prepares your students for how they will inevitably communicate in the workplace.


A backchannel made specifically for higher education that avoids the bells and whistles that similar enterprise tools come prepackaged with. Reply to mobile notifications from wherever, or sit back and watch your students respond, keeping your email inbox empty. Repetitive questions disappear when every conversation is in the open, saved indefinitely, and searchable. Nectir is FERPA compliant, accessible, and provides live support from right inside the tool itself.

"It gave me peace of mind knowing that I was able to communicate with all of my students at once, and they could do the same with each other. Now we have returned to in-person classes and I am still using Nectir as an integrated platform in all of my courses."

Dr. Myriam Gonzales-Smith
Professor at UC Santa Barbara

Trickle-down stress relief.

When instructors can optimize how they manage their responsibilities, it affects their work-life balance as much as it affects their students opportunities to do well. We're truly trying to make this a win-win situation for every person in the classroom.

Modern Office Hours

Office hours are great when students are able to attend them. However, the students that need them most often don't have the time. By providing your office hours through Nectir, you can scale your ability to help students by making resources accessible to all. You can even record video responses from right within your channel. The best part is that your students can go review office hour materials within Nectir even after the session is over.

Happy Instructors

Nobody wants—or wants to be—an exhausted instructor. Nectir saves you time by letting your students become active knowledge creators for one another, rather than relying on you or the Internet for help. Your interactive chat space removes the burden of having just a single source of information. Studies show that a more rested instructor is more attentive, so let's free up some time in your schedule to give back to yourself.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped classrooms create potent learning environments for students, but can be a lot of work to set up and maintain. Nectir facilitates in-person or virtual flipped classroom discussions with ease. Now you're giving your students the power to become active knowledge creators during class. Keep things organized with breakout discussion rooms right inside your Nectir channel.

Features You'll Love

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Mobile and Desktop App

You can be certain that your students are always getting your notifications wherever they are.

KaTeX for Math

Render equations with ease and teach your students mathematical syntax. Use KaTeX from right within the chat bar inside Nectir.

One-Click Communication

Send a GIF or emoji in no time! Connect with your students in a fun and interactive way to meet them where they are most comfortable.

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