Get help from your classmates.

Nectir automatically adds you to group chats for each of your classes. Chat with your peers, get help from each other, and pass your classes together.
An illustration of students chatting in the Nectir workspace.Student message: My most recent answer is still wrong. Can anyone help me figure out how we're suppose to solve it?Student message: I'm stuck on the same question! I was wondering if there is a time limit for the single attempt?

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How does it work?

Sign up with your school email.

Nectir workspaces are exclusive to students who are in the same school. That way your channels and messages stay secure.

Illustration of student signing up with school email
Illustration of searching for classes with Nectir's class search input

Discover your class community.

Each class has its own messaging channel. Once you find your class, you can join it to start chatting.

Connect with your classmates.

Ask questions about the homework, create study groups for midterms, or clarify an exam date. Learning is better together!

Student 1: Hi! Does anyone want to create a study group to study for the final together? Student 2: That sounds great! When should we meet?


When one teaches, two learn.

By helping others, you not only help someone else, but you also reinforce your own understanding. 

Get answers in minutes, not days.

Tired of waiting days for a reply from your professor about the midterm? Ask one of your classmates!

Don't just pass. Ace your classes.

Get help with homework, create study groups, and help your peers with learning your class material.

Picture of the founders, Kavitta and Jordan.

Created by students, for students.

As students at UC Santa Barbara, we were in classes with hundreds of students with no easy way to get help in our courses. We built Nectir for ourselves and our peers, and now we want to share this invaluable tool with every other campus out there.

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