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You get out what you put in.

Nectir was built by students just like you. We know how tough it can be to find the resources you need to succeed in every class, so our goal is to give you access to your campus community so that the help you're looking for is always at your fingertips.


You deserve to have access to every resource that you could possibly need to succeed in school. Nectir supplements course materials and lectures, and forms good networking habits. Having real time conversations with your classmates gives you context around lecture material, accurate additional resources, and interactive learning that lets you absorb topics at a deeper level. Plus, Nectir looks and feels like the tools you're already used to using.


Huge classes and campuses can be isolating, especially when there's nobody to tell you how to navigate it all. Classes are for learning, but it's also the first place you meet potential friends and connections. Nectir helps you comfortably connect to peers for any of the reasons you find important. This can happen in existing class channels or even community channels that you can create yourself, so that the connections you need are always just a click away.


We think of Nectir as social education, not social media. This tool was purpose-built by students who knew that all we need is a one stop shop to get help with school. Your profile takes seconds to create and you'll automatically be connected with your classmates and instructors. Unlike having to join a mix of platforms and group chats not accepted by your campus, Nectir lets you have all of your campus communication in one easy app.
Nectir is the reason that I passed my class last quarter. It was so easy to make a group of friends in my class to study with and I still talk to all of them now that the class is over.
Allison Roth
Economics and Accounting Student

We've been there too.

Nectir's founders were students themselves not too long ago. Which meant slow responding instructors, a phone full of different messaging apps, and trying to remember what the syllabus said about the midterm next week. We created this platform for our own classes in college, and now we want to share it with you.

Study Groups

No more awkward moments of asking the person next to you in lecture if you can study together. Creating a break-off study group from your main class channel takes just a few seconds. No need to use any other apps or share your social media with the whole group. Keep your group chat private, send any kind of files, and set specific notification preferences for each chat, all from right inside the Nectir mobile or desktop app.  

Resource Repository

Missed a lecture last week? Didn't get the last bullet point on that slide? Trying to put together a study guide for the midterm? Nectir has you covered. All messages are saved in your class channels and discussions, so the information can be accessed when you need it. Just search a keyword inside any channel and every message related to that topic will show up in a tidy list for you to study from.

Everything in One Place

So many chats in so many places! You and your classmates are using all kinds of different ways to talk to each other virtually. Even within the same platform, things can get confusing with different classes, topics, and conversations. With Nectir, you've all got organized, instant access to each other in the same place. Nectir auto-adds you to your class group chats every new term.
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Don't get stuck showing math notation. Use our KaTeX integration for quick equations.

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Chat with your classmates instantly.