See how Jason Duque, Ph.D. transformed his online classroom with Nectir.

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A community in every class

Nectir helps your students stay connected when it matters most.
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"I was totally blown away! Nectir succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and unlike what I feared, it got them talking very intensely in the classroom itself as well. I'm now a Nectir super fan!"
- Mary Bucholtz, UCSB Linguistics Professor

Fast. Simple. FERPA-Compliant.

Nectir gives your students a FERPA-compliant, synchronous chat room in every class. We embed directly within your school's LMS to make onboarding and integration as easy as possible.

Empower students and instructors

Build Relationships
One of the most valuable parts of a college education is the connections you make on campus and the network you build over time. Nectir allows you to amplify that value and make it more readily available to every student at your school.
Create Virtual Communities
Students are able to get the help they need faster and easier than ever before, by asking and answering each other’s questions. Instructors and TA’s are able to watch the conversation unfold to get a deeper look into how their students learn and react to their curriculum.
All Your Classes in One Place
Your school’s Nectir workspace is a malleable tool that can be used in every nook and cranny of the campus. Add community and connection wherever your students need it most.
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Bring community to your school

Try out the fastest and most secure messaging tool for education.
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