This is the future of education.

Nectir is campus-wide communication infrastructure that creates authentic, measurable engagement and increases student, faculty, and staff retention.

One seamless workspace that integrates with your LMS to give every person on campus a FERPA-compliant space to chat.
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Slack for Schools. Purpose-built for education.

Nectir is modern communication infrastructure that’s made to support your whole campus.

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We all learn better together.

By harnessing the power of community using instant chat, we’ll help you create a more modern, student-centered experience that boosts learning outcomes. Nectir relies on the Protege Effect to take students from rote learning to meaningful learning in every class.

Help those who need it most—in real time.

Research shows that students are more likely to persist when they have a strong sense of belonging and community.  Foster peer-to-peer collaboration to maximize student retention, reduce faculty stress, and create a more accessible classroom + campus for everyone.

Prepare your students for the workforce.

To prepare students for the newly-remote workforce, they need access to modern collaboration tools in every class. Nectir teaches your students how to thrive in virtual spaces, work with peers to solve problems, and become self-starters. Community is the future of education everywhere.

Track engagement to mitigate dropouts early.

We provide user-friendly analytics dashboards in every Nectir channel so that you can track and identify students that need help ASAP. Reach out to at-risk students within Nectir itself to bring them back into the classroom community easily.

Features You'll Love

Over 40,000 Students & Instructors Trust Nectir

Mobile App

Nectir is in your pocket so you can get to quick questions with quick answers.

KaTeX for Math

Don't get stuck showing math notation. Use our KaTeX integration for quick equations.

One-Click Communication

Send a GIF or emoji in no time! Connect with your students in a fun and interactive way.

Nectir is trusted by 40+ educational institutions globally.

Messages sent in Nectir communities across the globe.
Course channels, student groups, and communities created by users on Nectir.
Students, instructors, and admin that trust and use Nectir.

This is the future of education.

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Cutting-Edge Tech to Set Your Campus Apart

How Nectir Compares




Purpose-built for education
LTI 1.3 (with Gradebook Integration)
User-friendly analytics dashboard
Dedicated Community Manager
Students can create their own chat spaces
Use Nectir across multiple campuses easily

Give your students a FERPA-compliant, synchronous chat room in every class.

1. Connection is key.

Enable your students to help each other by bringing them together.

2. Help is just a click away.

Pinpoint at-risk students with engagement analytics.

3. The toolkit they need.

Build a better future for your students by prioritizing tech literacy.


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