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What Professors say about nectir
"I was totally blown away! Nectir succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and unlike what I feared, it got them talking very intensely in the classroom itself as well. I'm now a Nectir super fan!"

- Mary Bucholtz, UCSB Linguistics Professor

Engage Your Students

It’s proven that students learn better when they collaborate. When you create an online community for your class, you’re empowering your students to take control of their own education.

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Get Fewer Emails

Bogged down by a never-ending inbox? Instead of answering a dozen emails asking the same question, let your students chat with each other first. This reinforces their own knowledge of the topics, and saves you time.

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Instant Learning Analytics

With Nectir Analytics, you get real-time feedback on exactly what your students need in order to succeed. You’ll instantly know which teaching methods work and which need refining.

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Written by Students Like Yours

Repost: Students Are Using Mobile Even If You Aren’t
By Mark Lieberman From Inside Higher Ed Magazine, Reposted Nov. 7, 2019

This week, we've featured one of our favorite articles from "Inside Higher Ed", which talks about how "smartphones and tablets are changing how teachers teach and students learn". 

Research Study: Exploring the Use of Text and Instant Messaging in Higher Education Classrooms
Research By Sharon Lauricella and Robin Kay, Posted october 2, 2019

This article examined how higher education students used text and instant messaging for academic purposes with their peers and faculty. 

Guest Blog: Our Co-Founder's Top 5 Lessons of College
By Kavitta Ghai, Published August 27, 2019

We've featured a personal post from our co-founder, Kavitta Ghai, where she highlights the five most important lessons she learned during her college experience at UCSB. 

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