A community in every class.

Nectir enables students, instructors, and staff to develop their own campus communities through instant messaging.
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An illustration of students chatting in the Nectir workspace.Student message: My most recent answer is still wrong. Can anyone help me figure out how we're suppose to solve it?Student message: I'm stuck on the same question! I was wondering if there is a time limit for the single attempt?

Trusted By Over 31,000 students and instructors.


When one teaches, two learn.

By making it easy for classrooms to connect, students can reinforce their own learning.

Everything in one place.

By streamlining all course communication through Nectir, email load is reduced by up to 50%.

Encourage genuine engagement.

Nectir makes it easy for students to communicate by emulating platforms they use every day.

Picture of the founders, Kavitta and Jordan.

Created by students, for students.

As students at UC Santa Barbara, we were in classes with hundreds of students with no easy way to get help in our courses. We built Nectir to empower classrooms to build their own communities so that they can help their students succeed.

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