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Nectir is your virtual campus network. Harness the power of Social Education to amplify collaboration, increase retention, and prepare students for the future of work.
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Nectir is trusted by 40+ institutions globally.

We don't replace your school's LMS.
We get your students to use it more.

Nectir acts as a collaborative layer on top of your LMS. By integrating it into your courses, you can enhance the learning experience for students and increase the engagement within your LMS.
Integrates with all LMSs that support LTI 1.3
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We learn better together.

By harnessing the power of community using instant chat, we’ll help you create a more modern, student-centered experience that boosts student success. Nectir is built on the Protege Effect to take students from rote learning to meaningful learning in every class.
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A community in every class.

Research shows that students are more likely to persist when they have a strong sense of belonging and community.  Foster peer-to-peer collaboration to maximize student retention, reduce faculty stress, and create a more accessible classroom + campus for everyone.
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Prepare your students for the workforce.

To prepare students for the newly-remote workforce, they need access to modern collaboration tools in every class. Nectir teaches your students how to thrive in virtual spaces, work with peers to solve problems, and become self-starters.
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Track engagement in real-time.

We provide user-friendly analytics dashboards in every Nectir channel so that you can track and identify students that need help the moment they disengage. Reach out to at-risk students within Nectir itself to bring them back into the classroom community instantly.
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Nectir in the News

Schools across the globe are using Nectir to reinvigorate their campus communities. See what everyone is saying about Nectir in the media!

Nectir has been a game changer for me as an instructor and online course designer.

Mindy Colin
Instructional Designer, UC Santa Barbara

Nectir has been a wonderful asset to the college. We really enjoy being able to create different groups for classes or even the clubs that we offer at ASU Mid-South.

Amanda Winsett
Administrative Specialist for Title III,
Arkansas State University Mid-South

With Nectir, students not only found a connection with my course, but they also found a connection amongst themselves.

Dr. Myriam Gonzales-Smith
Teaching Professor, UC Santa Barbara
The Nectir Blog

Read our newest posts on the Nectir Blog.

Articles on education, technology, and how to use Nectir to revolutionize your campus.
Company Update

A Call to Transform Higher Education: Our Network-Driven Vision for Student Success

Nectir began when we were at our own critical juncture in our college careers. After feeling isolated and disengaged with a learning experience that was costing us a fortune, we decided we had two options: either drop out or attempt to fix our own problem. Determined to make a difference, we founded Nectir, a platform that creates a campus-wide network to foster a community in every class.
Kavitta Ghai
March 23, 2023

Digital Citizenship: The Key to Delivering a Modern Education

Welcome to the fully digital age, where higher education institutions are facing the Herculean task of preparing students for a virtual world that changes faster than you can say "floppy disk" (remember those?). So, how do we tackle this challenge? The answer lies in embracing digital citizenship and the peer-to-peer learning that it naturally incites. In this blog post, we'll dive into the benefits of digital citizenship in higher education courses, its impact on student success outcomes, and the research that has even the most skeptical of scholars raising their eyebrows.
Kavitta Ghai
March 16, 2023

High-Impact Practices for the Modern Campus

When it comes to upgrading our 400-year-old classroom model, the most important metric we can build towards is student success. Research shows that students involved in high-impact practices (HIPs) enjoy higher levels of learning success and overall satisfaction. Today, we're bringing you the best HIP practices compiled from thousands of instructors across the nation who have dedicated their time and energy to giving their students the best educational experience possible.
Kavitta Ghai
March 14, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions about Nectir.
Is Nectir FERPA-compliant?
Yes! Nectir makes sure your student data is safe and secure at all times. We will also work with your institution to ensure we abide by your specific student data policies. You can request our HECVAT or other supplementary info by sending a message to support@nectir.io.
Does Nectir integrate with the LMS?
Nectir integrates with all LMSs that support LTI 1.3. If your LMS does not support 1.3, we will work with your IT team to make sure Nectir works seamlessly with your existing workflow. Ask us about additional integrations for your CRM, SIS, and other tools, too!
Can Nectir be used for campus communities outside of courses?
Of course! Some of the best Nectir use cases we've seen are for communities outside of classes. You can use Nectir for faculty communities, student orgs, staff communication, advising, prospective students, and more. See all of the Nectir use cases here!
Do you offer pilots?
We will happily set up a pilot for your institution so you can experience all the benefits of Nectir. Send us a message to get a customized package for your school.

Still have questions? Our Nectir Community Team is here to help you.

Send us a message or use the live chat button to get help quickly.
Features You'll Love

Purpose-built for active learning.

Transform the virtual classroom experience with engaging tools to streamline teaching and learning. Nectir is accessible, FERPA-compliant, and easy to scale across the whole campus.

One-Click Communication

Send a GIF or emoji in no time! Connect with your students in a fun and interactive way.

Native Mobile Apps

Nectir is in your pocket so you can get to quick questions with quick answers.

KaTeX for Math

Don't get stuck showing math notation. Use our KaTeX integration for quick equations.
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Nectir creates more engagement than any other tool on campus.

Nectir is trusted by 40+ educational institutions across the globe.
Messages sent globally.
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Students, faculty, and staff that use Nectir.
Student engagement compared to traditional lectures.

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