KaTeX System Update

Nectir Team
November 23, 2022

New KaTeX System Updates

We just launched a small update to KaTeX! Before there were issues where people were trying to write with multiple dollar signs and it would unexpectedly format it to KaTeX. Now, all Katex should be enclosed in double dollar signs $$ for both inline and full width formulas.

KaTeX Update

Prior to the update, if anyone used two dollar signs in a message it would format the text in between into KaTeX. But now with this update, everyone should be able to use multiple dollar signs in a message without it unintentionally formatting to KaTeX.

How Will This Affect Me?

For our KaTeX users, you will now have to use two dollar signs $$ before and after the formula to apply KaTeX formatting.

Any prior message that had KaTeX formatting may not render correctly since the message needs two dollar signs for KaTeX. If there are only a few messages, you can go back in and edit your message to include the double dollar signs and click “enter” and send. Your formula should render correctly now.

If you have many messages that need to be edited, reach out to @Vicky, Nectir Community Manager, in your workspace for additional support!

Read the KaTeX Help Article for more details: https://help.nectir.io/en/articles/5464929-using-katex-for-math

We love hearing feedback on these product updates, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas or questions. You can always contact us at support@nectir.io or through the help button in your Nectir workspace!

Nectir Team
November 23, 2022

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