The Story Behind Edtech’s Newest Innovators

The origin story of Nectir is the not so uncommon tale of a college student’s journey from struggling to being exposed to a communication tool that made school feel much more accessible. The uncommon part came next, when Nectir Co-Founder and CEO, Kavitta Ghai, turned her revelation into a start-up for which she’s raised almost $2.5 million in seed funding to date. Hear the entire story from Kavitta herself in this excellent (if we do say so ourselves) episode of Starter Stories from the folks over at Enrollify. Let us know your thoughts and if you too can relate to Kavitta's experience with education.

Listen here at https://podcasts.enrollify.org/starter-stories/episode-20-kavitta-ghai-co-founder-ceo-of-nectir#simple

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