Meet Soma: Your Personalized AI Teaching Assistant

Transform your classroom into a modern learning haven with the power of personalized learning AI.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI, Soma provides 24/7 support for students and instructors, fostering an accessible, efficient, and collaborative learning environment in every class. Soma's innovative design enables any instructor to effortlessly train their own AI Teaching Assistant, tailoring the experience to meet their specific course needs.

Soma is now available for any learning space! Get started today starting from $1/student/month.
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Utilizing AI to Create a More Inclusive and Modern Learning Environment

Soma makes learning accessible and personalized for every student.

Soma addresses the challenges of creating a personalized and engaging learning experience for students while significantly reducing the workload for instructors and staff.
Reclaim Your Time: Instructors save hours of valuable time each week by letting Soma answer basic course questions for their students from right within the Nectir class channel.
Improve Retention: AI TAs like Soma are proven to improve student outcomes by providing immediate and personalized help, ensuring that no student is left behind.
Boost Collaboration: Soma sits right inside your Nectir class channel to ensure that students have all the resources they need to collaborate confidently with their learning community.
Just 3 Easy Steps to Train Your Own AI Teaching Assistant

How does Soma work?

Soma empowers instructors to easily create their own AI chatbot within their Nectir class channel by simply uploading their chosen course materials, such as the syllabus or weekly readings.

With this information, Soma transforms into a personalized AI TA and tutor for each student, accessible 24/7 via the Nectir class channel. Instructors retain full control over Soma's knowledge base, as her responses and capabilities rely solely on the provided materials.

1. Login to your campus' Nectir workspace and create a class channel.

Login to your campus' Nectir workspace to create your class channel. Nectir is integrated and embedded within your LMS class page, so it will auto-add all of your registered students for you.

For more info on how Nectir works, click here.

2. Upload your desired course materials to teach Soma about your class.

Equip Soma with contextual knowledge by uploading your choice of course materials (e.g. syllabus) into your Nectir class channel. This will set Soma's parameters for what she can and cannot answer for your students.

3. Let Soma answer your students' questions right within your Nectir class channel!

Save time and energy by letting Soma handle routine queries, like "When is the midterm and what chapters will be on it?" That way you can focus on building your classroom community without worrying if students have access to the help they need.
Just 3 Easy Steps to Train Your Own AI Teaching Assistant

What kinds of questions can your students ask Soma?

Soma was built on countless insights we collected from user interviews with higher education folks just like you. We asked students what types of questions feel "too dumb to ask" and instructors what types of "repeat questions" they would like to stop answering forever.

Based on our user research, here are a few of the most popular questions Soma will happily answer for your students:
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What happens if I turn in an assignment two days after the deadline?
When is our next assignment due and how much is it worth?
What were the three chapters we covered this week in class?
Are there any extra credit opportunities in this class?
What are the professor's office hours?
Where can I find the weekly reading list on Canvas?
What are all the topics that will be on our final exam?
Can you tell me the instructions again for this week's lab assignment?

"As Nectir unveils Soma, its groundbreaking Al teaching assistant, the landscape of education is poised for a seismic shift. This trailblazing duo fosters student collaboration and elevates instructor efficiency to new heights. Together, they are set to redefine the academic experience, cultivating teamwork and streamlining planning for a truly game-changing and interconnected future."

Cortney Beshara
IREPO Grant Director and Instructional Designer
Soma Transforms Every Classroom Into a Modern Learning Haven

Harness the power of AI to give every student their very own learning partner.

Soma allows you to continuously enhance your students' learning experience by giving them 24/7 access to personalized support from right within your Nectir class channel.

Around-the-clock support for students.

Deliver 24/7 assistance to students, bolstering academic success and alleviating their workload. Soma can translate her help into 90+ languages to meet students where they are.

Seamless LMS integration.

Effortlessly merge Soma and Nectir with your existing Learning Management System to create a unified learning experience.

Advanced AI powered by OpenAI.

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology from industry experts to provide highly accurate and context-aware answers based on your specific course material.

Scalable accessibility for the whole campus.

Soma can adapt to a campus or academic program of any size, ensuring a tailored experience for every educational setting.

Complete control and customization.

Soma allows you to safely and easily integrate the power of AI in every classroom by allowing each instructor to personalize their Soma bot and set her parameters.

The most accessible learning environment.

Soma integrates seamlessly with Nectir's existing collaboration features, fostering a fully inclusive virtual space that transforms student engagement.
The Possibilities Are Endless

Soma pushes the limits of what we once thought possible for education.

Here is everything you need to know about Soma to be inspired to transform the way you teach and learn. From upholding academic integrity to keeping your student data safe, we've got the answers to all of your most important questions.
What technology does Soma use to understand and analyze student queries?
Soma leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand, analyze, and respond to student questions effectively. The process begins with data ingestion and processing, where Soma ingests course-related materials provided by the instructor, such as syllabi, lecture notes, and supplementary readings. These documents are parsed, and relevant information is extracted to build a knowledge base for Soma.

With her knowledge base established, Soma utilizes state-of-the-art NLP algorithms to understand and interpret the context and intent of student questions. By analyzing the text, Soma can generate appropriate and informative responses based on the input materials provided by the instructor. As more data is added and interactions occur, Soma continuously learns and adapts to the unique requirements of each class, improving her accuracy and relevance over time. A unique set of parameters allow Soma to provide personalized and efficient support to students while upholding academic integrity and ensuring student data safety.
How does Soma uphold academic integrity when a student tries to cheat?
Soma is meticulously designed to uphold academic integrity while supporting student success through advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing techniques. These sophisticated technologies enable Soma to understand and analyze student queries in real-time, distinguishing between legitimate questions seeking clarification and those attempting to bypass ethical boundaries.

To prevent cheating, Soma is programmed to avoid providing direct answers to specific homework or exam questions. Instead, she offers guidance and resources that encourage students to think critically, promoting their own problem-solving skills like a real TA would. Furthermore, Soma's machine learning capabilities ensure continuous improvement in detecting and addressing potential academic dishonesty, as she adapts to various classroom scenarios and learns from each interaction.
Can Soma answer questions beyond the uploaded course materials?
No, Soma can only provide answers based on the course materials uploaded by the instructor in that particular Nectir class channel. She cannot access external resources or give answers unrelated to the provided content. Instructors can control and expand her scope of knowledge by uploading new materials to Soma at any time.
How accurate are Soma's answers?
Soma is designed to provide highly accurate and context-aware answers based on student questions and course material. However, this is still a developing technology, and thus the answers may not always be correct. This is why Soma is integrated with your Nectir class channel—so there is always someone around to double-check the information. Regularly updating and adding new learning materials can improve Soma's accuracy. Your Nectir Community Manager is also available from right inside the Nectir app to help you or your students troubleshoot if an issue arises.

To see how Nectir works and learn more about class channels, click here.
How much does Soma cost for a department, institution, or system?
Soma is $12* per student per year, billed by FTE.

We're happy to talk through custom pricing for your campus for pilots, custom features, etc. Book a demo here to get started!

*This introductory pricing is only available for Fall '23 and will increase in January '24.
Can Soma be trained over time to include more information?
Yes, Soma's flexible design allows her to be trained with additional course materials or resources at any time, which can be easily uploaded from within the Nectir class channel. As Soma receives more content, she adapts and expands her knowledge base. For example, you can upload lecture summaries at the end of each week and allow your students to utilize Soma as an interactive study buddy.
Does Nectir (and Soma) integrate with the LMS and other existing campus technology?
Nectir is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) and other academic software, ensuring a smooth onboarding process with minimal disruption to your current workflow. By complementing your institution's existing infrastructure, Soma enhances the overall learning experience without imposing any additional complexities. To learn more about how Nectir works and what it looks like embedded within an LMS class page, click here.

Nectir also provides a dedicated Community Manager with each campus workspace to deliver live and ongoing technical support to every user, which anyone can access from right within the Nectir app.
Where does the name "Soma" come from?
Soma was fondly named after an ancient Indian and Buddhist moon deity that symbolized immortality and was thought to bring balance to society. In ancient texts, Soma was also often referred to as the term for the “nectar of the gods”. To us, Soma represents the infinite power that lies in providing the next generation of learners with the modern education they need to become a positive force in this world.
What insights led the Nectir Team to build Soma?
When our team looked at the past five years of data on the most engaged and effective Nectir class channels, some having over 40k messages sent between students and their instructor in just one 12-week course, there was always one consistent factor that pointed to success—the presence of a teaching assistant. We realized these students were able to confidently engage with each other and the material because they had some level of ongoing personalized support available.

However, with the current 300k+ deficit of teachers in the US, most schools don’t have the ability to provide students with the individual support they need in every course. We are already seeing the ripple effects of this issue, with over 1.3 million students choosing to not return to college after remote instruction. The State of Higher Education Report 2022 stated the reasons students aren’t enrolling or staying in school are that they have tremendous stress, feel unprepared academically and struggle with heavy family and work obligations, or can’t afford it. This is not a fault of the student, faculty, or staff, but rather the education system at large being too slow-moving to adopt modern solutions. We need actionable solutions that provide students and instructors with the support they need ASAP.

Click here to read more about how our CEO and CTO, Kavitta and Jordan, founded Nectir as undergrad students after suffering firsthand from the lack of individual learning support available to them.
How does Nectir ensure student data safety?
Nectir is dedicated to ensuring student data safety through robust security measures and strict privacy standards. By encrypting all data in transit and at rest, implementing rigorous access controls, and adhering to student data protection regulations such as FERPA, we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning. Our platform undergoes regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to address potential risks and maintain compliance with the latest security best practices.

Additionally, we enforce strict data retention policies to securely store student information only for the necessary duration, in accordance with applicable laws. This comprehensive approach to security demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest standards of student data safety and privacy.

Email for a copy of our HECVAT or for any questions regarding our data policies. Review our Privacy Policy here.

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