Workshop: 5 Simple Methods to Keep Students Engaged Throughout the Term

Nectir Team
February 9, 2022

Here at Nectir we develop communication technology for higher education classrooms and campuses, but today we're not going to talk about Nectir; we're actually going to talk about the research that we've gathered from instructors who are using Nectir at their campuses and how they've used technology like ours, also known as backchannels, to keep their students engaged. You are in the right place if you're here for the five methods to keep students engaged throughout the term. Here is what this workshop covers, but make sure you watch the full video for important context:

  • Student engagement is tied directly to ease and frequency of communication
  • You’re looking for two major outcomes through virtual student engagement: self-regulated learning and peer learning
  • Classroom communication tools built specifically for education can save you hours each week

Five methods to keep students engaged using backchannel tools:

  1. Create a space where students feel welcome to interact with you and the material
  2. Let students tell you what they need through Q&A
  3. Casual conversation starters can help your students reconnect to the classroom
  4. Share photos, articles, videos, and other resources to give context
  5. A flipped classroom style is the best way to get students talking, and this is the easiest way to do it

Watch the full workshop here:

Nectir Team
February 9, 2022

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